Individual Shows

1977 Cretan House, Rethymnon, Crete
1982 Cretan House, Rethymnon, Crete
1984 Mixed Media, Thessaloniki
1985 French Institute, Thessaloniki
1986 American Center (USIS), Thessaloniki
1988 Hellenic-American Union, Athens
(with the support of the French and American Ambassadors)
1989 French Institute, Thessaloniki
1992 Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki
1993 Titanium Gallery, Athens
1994 Athenaion Gallery, Athens
1995 Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki
1996 Chrysa Gallery, Katerini
1998 Ariadne Gallery, Heraklion, Crete
2003 Chrysa Gallery, Katerini
2004 Chrysa Gallery, Katerini
2007 Paleo Archeologiko Museio, Yeni Tzami, Thessaloniki
(in conjunction with 48th Thessaloniki Film Festival)
2008 Chrysa Gallery, Katerini

Group Exhibitions

1983 Display of icons at International Exhibition of Religious Art, Dinard, France
1988 Participation in Greek International Exhibition at invitation of American Ambassador
1990 Yakas Gallery, Kifissia, Athens
1991 Metaxas Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
1991 Yakas Gallery, Kifissia, Athens
1997 Yakas Gallery, Kifissia, Athens
1998 Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki
1998 Frankfurt, Germany
1998-2007 Rarity Gallery, Mykonos
2003 Traveling Exhibition - New Orleans, Greenwich, Chicago, San Francisco
2006 Metamorphosis Gallery, Thessaloniki
2007 Atrium Gallery, Thessaloniki
2008 Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki
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