Florence Messager was born in La Fleche, France, in 1946. She combined her university studies in Law with courses in L' Ecole des Beaux-Arts-en-Province and continued her studies in art at L' Ecole du Louvre, Paris, and the Studio du Marais. In 1971, following a visit to the island of Crete where she became enamoured with Byzantine icons, she returned to France and studied the technique of icon painting in the Russian style at the Monastery of Aigualieyre. Shortly thereafter, she returned to Greece and lived for many years on the island of Patmos and in Rethymnon, Crete. In 1980, she moved to Thessaloniki, where she has resided since. The work of Florence Messager is intriguing as a study in the essential relationship between a foreign artist and Greece. As in the country itself, one finds in the artist's work remnants of classical and Byzantine heritage recreating the magic of Greece today. Florence Messager, using texture and light explores past and present to express this relationship with the essence of Greece. The artist has had more than 20 individual shows since 1977 in Greece, Germany, France and U.S.A. and has taken part in many group exhibitions.

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