Cinema today continues the role begun in ancient Greek theater - combining drama, satire, humor, entertainment, and education. These actresses don't represent a simple distraction by casual entertainers, but are recognizable images that represent dreams and hopes of people. They inspire - they allow us to survive, to escape and become part of what we want to be. In many ways they play a role not unlike our traditional icons - so familiar they become part of our lives, giving us a sense of security and inspiration.

Part of this gallery was exhibit in Thessaloniki at Yeni Tzami/Old Archeological Museum as part of the 48th Thessaloniki International Film Festival. This show is a result of years of rummaging through antique shops - a favorite pastime of mine - searching for pieces of the past to place in my paintings. I would occasionally find an old cinema poster, which would hold my attention for its beauty and the drama of its role in our recent history. So I collected one, then another, tucking them away or decorating my wall, so when I'd look up they would bring me back to the present from my clutter of ancient treasures from the past. To take a break, I'd play with the images of Melina or Ava in my work and increasingly these new madonnas took over, captivating my full attention and demanding my artistic expression.

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